Exclusive small group tours worldwide with invitations behind the scenes in art galleries, pottery kilns and workshops, craft artists studios in Japan, Greece, India, Spain, Russia and Burma
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Gain access Behind the Scenes on relaxing, pre arranged escorted tours, where someone else has done all the planning, appointment making, invitations to meet special people, organised all your transport and have someone with you working as your guide and translator .

In India you will discover a photogenic world of vibrant colours, aromatic spice markets, palm fringed beaches, picturesque hill stations, abundant wildlife, restful houseboat cruising and spectacular temples. Stay in a Maharaja's Palace converted into a grand hotel, on spice plantations, Ayurvedic spa resorts, watch Indian cooking demonstrations and enjoy a herbal oil massage.

Greek tour highlights include watching silver smiths create exquisite jewellery, meeting potters at their kilns and textile weavers using traditional looms. We stay on Santorini island, considered by some to be the Lost City of Atlantis, with its romantic tavernas, exclusive galleries and picture perfect scenery. In Zagoria we stay in village houses, discover photogenic old arched stone bridges that cross deep ravines, Byzantine churches that hide a treasure trove of icons, 16th century frescos and intricately carved wooden altars and you will visit the Meteora monasteries, the Acropolis, Delphi, Epidavros and Olympia, home of the original Olympic Games.

In Myanmar or Burma we take you on a nostalgic tour to see what still remains of grand British colonial architecture, hotels, houses and gardens, meet potters and craft artists and discover the wealth of Buddhist culture, old and new. Russia also offers us a chance to meet the local people in their homes, learn about their crafts, enjoy some home style cooking and visit some of the world greatest collections of art, such as in The Hermitage.

Special arrangements are made in Japan for you to meet studio potters and craft artisans in their workshops, to see the making of pottery, lacquerware, folding fans, washi paper, wood carving, indigo dyeing, textile weaving, bamboo artistry and even a kimono maker.... and visit some of the worlds greatest Art Museums like the MIHO and MOA . Spa and gourmet food lovers can relax in the therapeutic waters of rock pool spa baths and delight in the fine flavours and presentation of traditional Japanese banquet dinners.

Destination Management has been operating art, craft, pottery and spa tours since 1983. Our personal contacts will ensure you of an indepth experience that other tours can`t match .

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