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Destination Management Japan Tours are small group Special Interest Tours that focus on gardens, bird watching, ceramics, national parks, art galleries, autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, craft artists, pottery workshops, nature, national parks, spa resorts and gourmet tours. Since 1983 Destination Management has sent more first class small group tours to Japan than any other company.

Japan is like no other Asian country. This is a land where the past and future are woven together to form something quite unique, that can only be described as ' very Japanese'.... an ancient land of mesmerizing architecture and exotic landscapes, it is a place where traditions are cherished and where a rich culture is preserved whilst the people embrace technology and modern day living with both hands.

On your first time tour to Japan you should experience the contrasts of this fascinating country. Keep in mind that Japan is a bigger country than it first appears, with more to see than you imagine and nobody can show you all of Japan in one tour. Destination Management Japan Tours are all unique and feature new locations every year. We are regularly in Japan researching new places to visit, inspecting hotels, meeting specialists in various fields from botanic gardens to landscape design, bird watching to volcano monitoring and from potters to craft makers.

Things to do in Japan ......

We produce soft adventure tours designed with your comfort in mind. Relax in a hot spa pool whilst watching the sun set on Mt Fuji, stay in a traditional village inn, wander along the Old Nakasendo Trail, journey across a frozen lake on a snowmobile, explore the best preserved fortified castles in all of Asia, enjoy a rickshaw ride, cruise on an Ice Breaker, hike the trails of Daisetsuzan National Park, ride an old steam train, a switch back railway, a magnetic levitation monorail and experience the Bullet Train.

On our garden, gourmet and art tours enjoy the traditional aesthetics, architecture and arts of Japan, visit the most important World Heritage sites, as well as the best museum collections, immerse yourself in a traditional tea ceremony, visit a private garden, have dinner with a Geisha, soak in a natural hot spring, stay amidst the spectacular snow capped peaks of the Japan Alps, stroll through some truly serene Zen gardens, receive a ritual blessing from a Shinto Priest and enjoy some of the worlds most beautifully presented cuisine.

Our bird watching and nature tours include visits to national parks, viewing forests aglow with autumn leaves and gardens full of cherry blossoms, iris, wisteria and mountains covered in wild azalea blooms, stay in a thatch roof farm house, watch the rare Japanese Red crowned Crane dancing on a frozen field, see White-tailed and Steller's Sea Eagles on rugged coastal cliffs, watch Snow Monkeys bathing in outdoor pools surrounded by snow, cruise around the Inland Sea or the islands off Matsushima, explore the bird watching trails around Karuizawa, the list goes on .........................

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