Tours for nature and bird watching to national parks and nature conservation areas in Japan, India, Greece, Costa Rica, Alaska, Spain and Greek islands
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Picture yourself watching sunset on Mt Fuji whilst you relax in an outdoor thermal spa pool, or cruising on a romantic steamboat up the Irrawaddy River, birdwatching by pedal rickshaw or riding an elephant up to the Amber Fort in India and watching a Three-toed Sloth in a tree next to your bedroom window in Costa Rica. We can take you to stay in a picturesque small Greek village, from where cobble stone donkey paths lead you through green mountain meadows dotted with delicate ground orchids, fritillarias and aromatic wild herbs or stay in a tiny Japanese village from where we walk along The Old Nakasendo Trail.

Every year our guests see Red-crowned Cranes, Steller's Sea Eagles, Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Harlequin Ducks and hundreds of Whooper Swans in Hokkaido. Botanical enthusiasts enjoy seeing mountain sides filled with wild azaleas in bloom, rhododendron forests thick enough to get lost in, wisteria flowers as thick as waterfalls, yellow, purple and white iris, and we take you to the best places to view cherry blossoms in Japan. Autumn is also a spectacular time for photographers to visit National Parks when maple, gingko, mountain ash, larch, birch and other deciduous trees create intensely colourful backdrops.

Destination Management offers comfortable soft adventure, wildlife viewing, bird watching and national park tours around the world. All tours are escorted and provide the most atmospheric or best accommodation available in each location. All itineraries are low intensity but do require some walking. However, you may choose to replaced any activity to pursue your personal interests, a cultural interlude or simply rest and meditate in the natural surroundings. Our typical guests are seeking unusual destinations and distinctive tours that offer a variety of content.
Experience first hand the world's greatest wildlife areas, national parks, archaeological sites and scenic wonders. From romantic Greek Islands and wild jungles of Costa Rica to the volcanos and snow covered alps of Japan, Destination Management offers unique itineraries enhanced by our world wide network of nature specialists, botanists and ornithologists in the field.

Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast or expert in any field of nature or from any country, you are welcome to join us. Destination Management provides a high degree of comfort for guests who want to get more out of their visit to some of the world's most inspiring destinations We continue to research, explore and photograph new destinations around the world in order to organise better itineraries for our guests. Together with our overseas associates, we are committed to offering a safe and meaningful tour for your enjoyment. Ask us about which of our Nature Tours would be right for you.

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